Jake Johnson's Website

I'm Jake Johnson, this is my website.
It is not much now, but it's because this was a five minute task to get it up and running.


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All memes organic and ethically sourced. Contact me for my sources

About this site

This site is (somewhat) based on the mantra of motherf***ingwebsite.com (real site uncensored)
For a personal site like this one, lightweight is key.

About me

Just a simple UNIX Student at CCC, not much here yet. The memes folder has the good stuff.

A Brief History

I hate writing about myself, but I shall anyway.
To begin, I'm freshly in my twenties, married to a wonderful woman, with 3 cats, 2 fish, 3 servers, an apartment, a car, a job and a course-load. As I mentioned earlier I'm enrolled in Unix/Linux Systems Administration at Corning Community College. I've been goofing with computers since I was young enough to click the mouse, and have been messing with unix based systems since 2008, and got my first servers in 2014. This version of jakejakejake.com isn't the first, and probably will only last until I forget about, and eventually overwrite it. I will write more later.

The servers

A list of running applications and statuses can be found at:


If that is down, then this should be too. Eventually I get it on a vps somewhere or something but that costs a schmeckle or two.

Other Sites

Here is a list of some of the other sites I don't have time to work on.

One of my cats, Cider